Complications of Diabetes Mellitus Can Attack the Eye to the Toe

The complications of diabetes mellitus fall into two categories, namely short-term (acute) complications and long-term (chronic) complications. Hypoglycemia and ketoacidosis are acute complications, whereas chronic complications occur when diabetes mellitus has affected the function of the eyes, heart, kidneys, skin, digestive tract, and nerves. Complications of diabetes mellitus is very possible and can affect all organs of the body. Therefore, diabetics must always routinely monitor and maintain their blood sugar levels to remain normal. Complications of acute diabetes mellitus Complications of acute diabetes mellitus can be caused by two things, namely a drastic increase and decrease in blood sugar levels. This condition requires immediate medical treatment, because if it is handled too late will cause loss of consciousness, seizures, until death. Complications of acute diabetes mellitus are divided into three types, namely: Hypoglycemia Hypoglycemia is a condition in whic
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